Why Garden?

If you didn’t already know, it’s National Gardening Week April 11th – 17th. The National Gardening Week website is full of nationwide gardening events and ways to celebrate gardens and gardening. We encourage you to take a peek, especially if you are contemplating a new project and are looking for fresh ideas to get re-energised about your outside space.

For those of you that think your fingers aren’t green enough and therefore the invite doesn’t extend to you, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s the perfect place and time to get inspired and make that alfresco dream a reality, however limited you think your gardening capabilities are.

May we also be so bold as to direct you towards our own little cosy corner of the internet that our website inhabits; it too is full of gardening tips, monthly advice and general horticultural happiness. www.thebathgardener.co.uk

Why garden you ask? We could wax on for some time about all the incredible benefits of spending time in your garden but here are just 5 reasons that you might not yet have thought about which will inspire you to pull those wellies on a little more regularly:

  1. Provide your own healthy and safe food. Organic and pesticide free food, and after an initial investment (quite possibly pennies for a packet of seeds) you eat for beans! Literally.
  2. Add beauty and/or value to your home. Coming home to a neat and charming house is good for the stress levels and by adding kerb appeal you could add value to your property.
  3. Be creative. Source unique planters or unique plants if that’s your bag. There are no rules. Create your own masterpiece.
  4. Or be competitive. Grow the biggest marrow/best tomato crop or cultivate your neighbourhood’s fullest hanging baskets. There are plenty of competitions held by local gardening clubs to get you sporting.

Oh, and if you needed any more motivation, recent research showed that even light gardening burnt more calories than going to the gym even if it didn’t feel like it!

Gardening is a win win.



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