The first Wisteria

February started with my first real bit of gardening of the year. Yesterday I was pruning the first Wisteria (Remember Feb is the best time to ensure you have an abundance of flowers that aren’t obscured by growth).

After a few months of fencing and landscaping it was a welcome change and I was reminded that quite a few of you have asked about receiving regular gardening tips and advice.

So here goes along with the blog we are now emailing you, as a customer, someone we’ve met before or maybe because we know you we hope you enjoy our musings and if you have any garden related queries please get in touch.

Whilst the weather continues on its unpredictable path and we are left wondering if the seasons will ever be defined again, it’s quite easy to remain indoors.

As creatures of habit winter finds many of us hibernating like bears waiting until we are certain we have seen signs of spring, checking the temperature, convincing ourselves that there is nothing to be gained from any activity whilst the ground is hard and the trees are bare.

There is a general gardening misconception that during the coldest months there is little to be gained from pulling on those wellies and gloves and venturing out into your cold gardens.

Well In fact, quite the opposite is true; some hard work now will pay out hugely later on in the year and might even buy you a few extra hours in the sunshine admiring your hard graft with your favourite tipple in hand.

What can be done now you ask?

Here’s our top five list of basic tasks that can be tackled before the mad March hare arrives.

  • Dig over any vacant beds and mix in some manure. They’ll love you back tenfold in the months to come.
  • Got fruit trees? If you haven’t already there is still time to prune helping to ensure a bumper crop.
  • Fancy some of The Good Life and are planning on growing your own vegetables in 2017? NOW is the time to plan and maximise your growing AND harvesting potential. (This is a job you can do from the comfort of your sofa)
  • Keep an eye on the temperature, tender plants that cannot be left outside without protection should really be taken into the greenhouse or conservatory when there is risk of another cold snap. No inside space? Use bubble wrap, straw or even a fleece blanket.
  • Get those pots, tools and greenhouses cleaned up ready for action.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to encourage the kids to get outside more then get them on any of the above jobs or if that doesn’t work they can start by giving the hungry and thirsty garden birds some help. Here’s one of our favourite recipe’s for bird cake from those in the know, the RSPB:  Whatever the weather we will be out in it and it won’t be long before the shorts are back on and everyone will be saying “Ohh I’d love to do your job”Don’t forget to tweet at us @thebathgardener or find us on Facebook too if you have any questions you’d like answered or proud gardening triumphs you’d like to share. #askTBG#landscapegardener #gardenmaintenance #thebathgardener

My favorite thing about February is the expectation that spring is most certainly on its way. Today I found a peony breaking out early so it’s looking good for another muddled up year when the Daffodils beat the snow drops what have you spotted?

That’s nearly our work done here for the first post of 2017. Adults busy, children active and all that hard work will certainly help burn off all those extra calories accrued so far this winter.

Don’t forget to tweet us @thebathgardener or find us on Facebook too if you have any questions you’d like answered or proud gardening triumphs you’d like to share.


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