Leaping into March

Leaping into March

Given the extra day yesterday and the promise of spring with its lighter nights, I felt compelled to start this new blog!

This winter delivered record wet weather but was so mild the daffodils beat the snow drops in the race to the top!

As we curiously look ahead wondering what spring will bring (there are even rumours of a white Easter!) Here are a few suggestions of things you can be doing as you venture back out into your garden.

Its Soil Prep time – If you haven’t already any area that has been left bare over winter will benefit from the spreading of some well rotted manure / compost before you start digging so it gets well worked into the soil.

Pruning – As your garden comes to life again it’s a great opportunity to prune many climbers, shrubs and hedges. If you follow me on twitter you’ll have seen I’ve been doing a lot of Wisteria latterly (cut back to the 2nd or 3rd Bud to tidy) if you’re quick you might just get this done in time.

Moving Shrubs – There is still time to move any shrubs that are now in the wrong place before the new spring growth starts to emerge.

“We hope its chips its chips” – It will soon be time to plant out early spud varieties such as “Charlotte” or “Foremost” the keen gardeners amongst you will already have your seed potatoes “chitting” away but for all the time poor would be veggy growers, you can catch up by buying and planting these early varieties now.

Tidy Bamboo – Bamboo will soon start sending up fresh shoots from the base, so clear away last year’s whiskery lateral shoots to provide lots of space for the new ones to burst through.

Spend some time with your pond – You’re never too old to put on some boots and splash about. Removing the remains of any old leaves / dead foliage will prevent it rotting in the water and releasing nutrients which encourage green algae.

Remember to leave anything that you pull out on the side of the pond for a day so any creatures caught up can escape back into the water.

Frosts – It’s highly likely we will still get some heavy frosts which can devastate any flowers that have blossomed so it’s worth covering up those prize possessions.

The first cut – Now is the time to think about a healthy lawn (this topic will get a separate blog) but for now remember when you do that first cut set your mower high!

I hope this encourages you to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy your garden. Please comment and share and feel free to fire any questions over.

PS Don’t forget Nigel & Monty are back on TV this week.

4 thoughts on “Leaping into March

  1. Brigit says:

    I would not profess to know much about timings on when to do what in the garden but I do love to be out there whenever I can be. I held my breath as I read through your blog and I was so relieved to be able to pat myself on the back having done most of what you had. Phew so thanks for that. One thing is haunting me at the moment – clay heavy soil – I am hoping I have just created a bee and butterfly area with buddleijha, lavender and roses. !? I also wanted to put a eucalyptus in there. Would I be best putting a spade full of sand in the hole before planting ?


    • thebathgardener says:

      Ahh The bug bear that is heavy clay I feel your pain, yes to sand and I’d add some grit to the mix with a little compost to help with drainage – Mix it all together well first (a bit like baking a cake).


  2. Heather says:

    Can I prune my baby willow now, catkins are starting but need to cut away the dead wood underneath so it falls correctly and my baby tree (18yrs old) if healthy again for many years? xxxx


    • thebathgardener says:

      Normally I’d say yes Winter is the best time to prune as everything is dormant, but as this one sounds very special to you and its been so mild I’d say proceed with caution. Basically Willow will bleed sap if you prune while it is actively growing so try a few branches first and please do let us know how it goes.


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