Boost your Bulbage now!

Boost your Bulbage now!

Largely for the sake of ensuring my blog writing doesn’t become as erratic as the current weather, but also because I’m being asked a fair bit here are five tips to help you get the best from your bulbs.

As your bulbs start to finish flowering its time to act to ensure you get a good display next year:

  1. Remove the dead flower head at the top of the stalk
  2. Leave the green stalks as they act like leaves and produce valuable food for the bulb
  3. Add a quick acting fertiliser and water it in (You might not need to worry so much about the watering at the moment!)
  4. Only remove the foliage once it’s dead
  5. If this year’s display was starting to look over crowded mark it with a cane so you can lift and spread out the bulbs once dormant. You can do the same if you’re trying to follow a colour scheme and have some rouge colours.

Happy Gardening