Tis the season or is it?


If we had known the weather at the start of 2016 was an early indicator of the year ahead we could have told you we would be in for a bumpy and unusual ride.

The cold weather didn’t arrive until well in to January but by then many of the plants we rely upon to track through the seasons were showing up when they really weren’t supposed to.

Tomato plants were still giving fruit in January, daffodils beat the snowdrops and the talk was all about how early lawns can be cut. Spring had sprung early.

Then along came the Mad march Hair with buckets of rain. New records were set and spring was washed out along with many of the plants.

All that early turbulence was an indicator that something was afoot, Brexit and Trump’s election followed with even more disturbingly news arriving in the form of BakeOffGate!

Still, we had started the year in what felt like the eye of Storm Imogen and dedicated 2016 to the latin word ‘incrementum’ meaning growth.

We can’t reflect on 2016 without immediately remembering the terribly sad passing of our best friend “Bumble Bea” or @TBGDoggy as she was known in social media circles. Hence we named our 2016 charity as @MedDetectDogs if you haven’t already please take a closer look at the brilliant work they do.

But growth was our focus and spring seemed a perfect time to give birth to this here humble blog. Our way of communicating with you, with some nice stuff, funny stuff and often useful stuff to, even if we do say so ourselves! This has also now been expanded to include e mails so apologies if your reading this twice but we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.

June was very wet and continued the out of synch theme, it was a record month for the number of fences constructed (something traditionally we only do in the winter months)

Summer sort of arrived with an Andy Murray Wimbledon win and plenty for us Brits to crow about in Rio. Who would have thought that TBG team would be endorsing a game on our kids phones! But let’s face it, Pokemon go did get them all running around outside!

June also brought our latest team member to us, lovely Millie the golden lab who has filled our hearts ever since but is still very much in apprentice mode (apologies for any extra holes in your garden)

Whilst many a patio were laid, deck constructed, lawn cut, beds created, stumps removed we mercifully didn’t find any further left, or right feet (if you’re reading this and not from Bath, google ‘severed feet found in Bath’ yes feet and not foot!) or any other body parts or roman coins we should add.

The short but marked heat wave in the middle of July meant the quest for a branded mankini was on.

Thankfully we don’t think any gardener actually got inside one! Unless of course you have photographic evidence to the contrary?

You’ll note we have made no reference to Bath Rugby’s 2015/16 season and for very good reason too! However, this season has started brilliantly and as we go to press, it’s still all to play for. At this point we would like to say that Team TBG would be very happy to not just watch England at Twickenham.

Autumn saw us clearing tonnes of leaves in T shirts over a very short windy fortnight.

The mild weather has continued as we endeavor to put gardens to bed for the winter its felt more like September than December.

Trees have buds on them and bulbs are shooting as the out of synch seasons continue. Which begs the question are we in for a harsh start to 2017 or will the seasons not be defined anymore (like when we were kids) what do you think?

So did we grow? You bet. We grew our team, our portfolio of work and our reputation too (special shout out to everyone who took the time to write a review over on facetube). And even though the seasons played tricks with us we weathered those storms well.

Luckily we’ve done it all with the very best clients, who, it hasn’t gone un-noticed have supplied us with copious amounts of tea and revived us when we needed it most often spoiling us with bakes, cakes and biccies.

So before we settle down in front of the log fire we wanted to take this opportunity to Thank you for your valued custom and continual support.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to catching up with you in 2017

Whatever the weather we will be out in it and it won’t be long before the shorts are back and everyone will be saying “Ohh I’d love to do your job”

TBG & Team