Your garden and the daily caffeine hit

We hope you are enjoying our blog posts; a new ish addition to our web pages where we get the opportunity to chat all things cultivation with you, have some green fingered fun, share the garden love or if we are clever, all of the above!.

If this is your first read, then you are just as welcome. Hello all.

In a never ending attempt to make sure you are as excited about gardening as we are, we have been searching our gardening resources again to find good gardening news for you, lightening and brightening the gardeners load.

And we do believe that we have surpassed ourselves this month.

Imagine if you could combine one of your favourite pastimes with your horticultural aspirations! Yes ladies and gentlemen, your daily caffeine hit will not only give you a ‘pick me up’, but picks up some of the slack out doors too, because coffee grounds, the bit that generally gets sent to landfill can indeed assist you in adding another layer of nourishment to your soil.

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. There’s no quick result with coffee grounds and we wouldn’t advise adding it directly to your garden, no this gardening tip is all about the long game, as it will provide a slow release of PH neutral nutrients in to your soil. This otherwise waste product can be an excellent addition to both compost, fertilizer or mulch when mixed with grass cuttings for example. An improvement in your spoil structure is guaranteed our research tells us.

If you are not yet sold then might we add that coffee grounds are also a proven cat repellant, a weed suppressant and will deter slugs and we all want to deter those pesky slugs!

If we have (coffee) fueled your imagination and you want to find out more, here is a short video with some more detail. Note that we firmly advocate supporting your local and independent coffee houses, of which we are spoilt for choice in Bath, and long may that continue.

If like Donny you are more of a tea fan, well that’s not a problem, as tea leaves are also great for enriching soil, and may or may not help you learn your future…..we predict a tea or coffee break! We think we have earned it.

Happy gardening. TBG.

Remember to tweet me your gardening questions using #AskTBG and we will get back to you with a reply as soon as is botanically possible. @thebathgardener

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